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1. Are the advisory packages only annual?

All the Long Term Investment Plans are only Annual Plans as we believe that you need to invest for atleast one year to actually analyse any advisory. However the trading plans and the short term investment plan do have Quarterly and Semi Annual Options.

2. What kind of stocks are advised as “Long Term Investment s”?

A majority of the stock advised under Long Term Investments are from the Mid Cap universe in the WINNERS PLAN . There might occasionally be some stocks that are Large Caps. The aim it to try and recommend stocks that provide returns materially higher than the markets in the long run. The MODEL PORTFOLIO based plans have exposure to Large Caps too.

3. Are both entry and exit prices indicated to clients?

Entry and the potential target price is indicated to clients at the time a Long Term Investment call is initiated. There is a brief logic given along with the investment call and the expected duration of the call. The investments are regularly monitored and exits are advised at the appropriate time.

4. How much of each investment call should we buy?

We do not recommend any quantity for purchase. However since we are likely to give around 8-10 investment calls in one year we normally recommend clients to invest around 10% of their total corpus in each of the investment call in the WINNERS PLAN. In the MODEL PORTFOLIO based plans exact stock wise percentage allocations are given.

5. How is the Model Portfolio designed and how do we follow it?

The Model Portfolio is designed in a manner where there is a portfolio of 18-20 stocks comprising both large cap and mid cap stocks in the PLATINUM PLAN and only BLUECHIP stocks in the TARGET BLUECHIP PORTFOLIO. Each stock comes with the percentage allocation recommended per share. The cash holding in the portfolio is also recommended to clients as and when required. The portfolio does not undergo frequent changes, however changes are made in accordance with our view on the markets. Cash holding is also recommended depending on our market view.

6. What are the targeted returns of the Model Portfolio?

We do not provide any targeted returns. Our aim over a long period of time is to outperform the markets by 5-10% per annum. In the Indian context it has been observed that a 8% outperformance is required to become one of the best performing mutual funds.

7. What is the minimum amount required to subscribe to your services?

There is no minimum amount required to subscribe to our services as we do not manage the money and this has to be invested by you yourself. However indicative minimum amounts for the LONG TERM INVESTMENT PLANS is Rs 5 Lakhs. For the TRADING PLANS a minimum of Rs 4-5 Lakhs is required for margin and mark to market purposes.

8. How are the trading calls provided?

Trading calls are sent via text messages and Whatsapp. The target price, stop loss and profit booking levels all are indicated at the time of the call. Any changes or actions are also recommended subsequently. There is regular follow up of all the calls.

9. How many trading calls are provided to clients?

An average of 8-10 trading calls are given every quarter in the POSITIONAL TRADING PLAN and 2 calls on an average in the ONLY FOR TRADERS PLAN. However in some quarters/weeks there might not be as many trading opportunities. These calls will be adjusted over the year and over a period of 12 months an average of 32-40 calls will be given in the POSITIONAL TRADING PLAN. In ONLY FOR TRADERS also calls will be adjusted accordingly.

10. What is the nature of the trading calls?

We give only positional trading calls. There are no intra day or BTST calls provided. Normal holding period is between 7-21 days with targeted returns of 5-15% and stop losses in POSITIONAL TRADING and 1-10 days holding with 3-5% targets in ONLY FOR TRADERS. We do not provide any return guarantees.

11. Are the trading calls cash calls or futures calls?

All trading calls are from stocks that are in the Futures and Options segment. We might also give calls in Index Futures and Options

12. Do you provide Option Strategies?

Yes Option calls are also given at some points of time. However these are simple strategies, at most times buys on Puts and Calls to play our view on the markets with limited risk.

13. How many trading calls are open at any given point of time?

A maximum of 3 trading calls might be open at any given point of time. At most points of time they are limited to 2 open calls.

14. What is the POWER ALPHA STOCKS service?

Power Alpha Stocks service is especially for clients who want to invest for the short term for short term returns but do not want to venture into the Futures and Options segment. Here cash calls are provided with return targets of 8-15% for holding periods of upto 75 days. Since there is an overlap between calls the amount needs to be allocated between 6-7 calls i.e. if you have decided to allocate Rs 7 Lakhs to this product then invest Rs 1 Lakh per call.

15. Are you registered as an “Investment Adviser” with SEBI”


16. How can I pay for the subscription?

You can pay for the subscription directly through the website or by transferring funds into our bank account which is provided on the website. We can also provide you with a payment link.

17. How can my queries be answered?

You can write to info@asksandipsabharwal for any queries or call us on +917303163931 or +91-22-66666931

18. When will my account get activated?

After your payment you will get a confirmation email which will contain details of your subscription and the start date. Your subscription will end 365 days from the day it is started for the Annual Plans, 6 months for Semi Annual and 3 months for Quarterly.

19. How can I change any details related to my subscription?

You can write to us at for any changes required in terms of your email, address, phone No etc.

20. I have got a large corpus and I need personalized advise, is that possible?

Yes personalized advisory is possible via the HNI PLANS. For details and charges please write to us at

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