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The year 2020 started off as I had expected with overheated global markets giving up some gains in the second half of the month. Although the reasoning is CoronaVirus, typically markets need a reason to correct and they found that. We were well positioned expecting some downside and it worked well for us. Across the board we had strong performances.

The Union Budget has not done much to improve India’s positioning globally as such we should also follow near term global weakness which will give strong entry opportunities during February.


This month was another strong month for POSITIONAL TRADING CALLS and we made a profit of nearly Rs 70000 on two lot trading, it was relatively subdued for ONLY FOR TRADERS where the profits were Rs 20000. The last year was an exceptional year for our TRADING PRODUCTS. The Positional Trading Calls product delivered a total profit of Rs 8.2 Lakhs on two lots and Only for Traders Rs 4.7 Lakhs on two lots trading. This implies a Return on Capital of over 100% for POSITIONAL TRADING and 60% plus for ONLY FOR TRADERS. As such the strong long term performance of both the products has been maintained. Such exceptional performance is difficult to sustain. However we will try our best to do well in the future.


The strong performance of Target Bluechip Portfolio continued. The portfolio is now up 53.57% since inception, while the NIFTY is up just 16%. The recent changes made have worked well for us. Active management even of a Bluechip Portfolio can work very well is reflected by this product. This is an ideal portfolio for low risk investors. 2-3 changes made by us during the year have done very well. We have outperformed all PMS AND MF Products in this plan by a huge margin.


I had indicated at the end of last month that broader markets are stabilizing and recovering and this is normally very good for this product. This played out this month as we could generate 5 new calls and booked out in 6 calls. We kept the open positions light at the end of the month as we were expecting a correction. This will help us again pick up stocks at lower levels. Total profits booked for this month were Rs 65000 (Assumption of Rs 2 Lakh investment per call).


The PLATINUM PLAN MODEL portfolio did very well this year as the broader markets recovered and out portfolio stocks did well. We have also kept some cash in the portfolio due to my near term negative view. The portfolio was up 3.57% during the month as against a negative 1.73% for the Nifty. The good part is that the companies in the portfolio continue to do well and valuations will eventually reflect that. Overall we are well positioned for 2020 with a mix of growth and value stocks. The portfolio is up over 265% since inception despite the carnage seen in Midcaps over the last couple of years.


Many of the recommended Small and Midcaps have started to see traction with decent gains. An update to all clients on all stocks was sent just last week for this plan and as such I will not go into much of details. Nearly 8-9 stocks are still good to buy in this product and provide good entry points for new investors. This year should be good for the broader markets and reflect in the performance of recommendations of this plan.

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Pricing of COMBO PLANS depends on the number of services being taken. Discounts range from 15-20%.
For clients who want to opt for a combination of packages from our various Long Term and Short Term plans we offer attractive COMBO PLANS where on a combination of two or more plans we can built in discounts for clients

Any client can subscribe to two or more Annual Plans and get a COMBO PLAN discount. The discounts are as follows

  1. Two Plans – Discount of 15%
  2. Three or more plans – Discount of 20%


Starting from – Rs 360000 plus GST

We also offer personalized HNI services for investors with large portfolios who would like customized solutions. Here portfolios are designed and strategies worked out in accordance with the goals and risk profiles of individual clients with the aim of meeting stated objectives. Some of the key features of this service are

  1. The portfolio and services will be customized to the particular client
  2. The service will be interactive where the client can interact with Sandip Sabharwal directly to clarify doubts if any. This can be in the form of Phone calls/messages/emails etc..
  3. HNI clients can ask for clarifications on any stock outside the standardized portfolio on which we will give our views directly to him.
  4. The portfolio is individually monitored and the client only has the responsibility of mailing the portfolio to us every 15 days or trading positions more frequently so that we can go through it and advise on the portfolio on a proactive basis.
  5. Besides this the HNI clients will continue to get all the LONG TERM CALLS as well as the standardized MODEL PORTFOLIO the details of which are as below

  • The MODEL PORTFOLIO will have around 18-20 stocks with individual stock allocations and the client just needs to follow them passively. The portfolio is updated every few weeks and clients just need to invest as advised. For example the total amount of Rs 100 to be invested will be split across 20 stocks with percentage allocation to each, you will just need to invest accordingly and whenever changes are advised do the same. In this we also advise when to increase cash in the portfolio if the markets are overheated etc.
  • HNI Clients desiring to do Trading will also added to the Futures and Options trading services


Those interested in HNI Services or COMBO PLANS can write to us at or

Call us on +91-22-66666931, 7303163931



TARGET BLUECHIP PORTFOLIO - A focussed BLUECHIP STOCKS portfolio that will invest in 9 identified large cap blue chip stocks.

Rs 24000 plus GST

TARGET MIDCAP PORTFOLIO- A focussed MIDCAP STOCKS portfolio which will invest in 9 identified High Quality Midcap Stocks.

Rs 25000 plus GST

WINNERS PLAN- Annual advisory package which will include 5-10 strong long term return where the return targets will be higher than market returns over Long Term Holding.

Rs 23000 plus GST

PLATINUM PLAN- Model Portfolio based advise along with potential high growth stock recommendations A Multicap portfolio with a mix of Large and Mid Caps.

Rs 27000 + GST


POWER ALPHA - Stock Advisory package that is specifically designed to cater to investors who want to take short term exposures into the stock markets but do not want to trade in the Futures & Options market.

Semi Annual Rs 26000+ GST, Annual Rs 39000+ GST

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ONLY FOR TRADERS -Stock Advisory Package which has been designed only for traders in the stock markets. An active plan . 2 Calls per week with average holding period of 1-10 days

Quarterly Rs 21000+ GST, Semi-Annual Rs 33000+ GST, Annual Rs 48000+ GST

POSITIONAL TRADING CALLS This is a POSITIONAL TRADING product with calls given in the Futures & Options segment. A low involvement product for all stock market participants. 2-3 Calls per month with average holding period of 1-4 weeks

Semi-Annual Rs 36000 + GST, ANNUAL- Rs 54000 + GST

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