We propose to provide advise to investors for building a long term portfolio of specific stocks based on our own research. We also provide strong research based trading calls with a short term perspective. We might not have a view on every stock and as such will advise only on those where we do have a view. Investors can raise queries on restructuring of their portfolio of stocks, view on a specific stock or advice on what kind of portfolio of stocks that a person should be holding. Depending on the risk profile of the investor and targeted time duration of investment as well as expected returns the suggested portfolio or trading ideas might be different for different customers.


We seek to analyze Mutual Fund schemes depending on the value creating ability of the Fund Manager. The Out of the box analysis does not depend purely on spread sheets with 3m, 1yr, 3yr, 5 yr etc performances, but takes into account how the fund has achieved what it has till date, how the portfolio is positioned under current circumstances and whether the scheme is being managed in accordance with the mandate of the fund. Advisors/Distributors that get performance statistics largely advise based on past data. However as most Mutual Fund investors in Infrastructure, PSU, Banking etc..


Stock Advisory Package which has been designed only for traders in the stock markets. Unlike all our other packages here we are offering Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Plans

Fees Charges: Quarterly Rs 12000, Semi-Annual Rs 21000, Annual Rs 36000

What it includes
1. Two calls will be given every week on an average. In the absence of opportunities the number of calls might reduce in certain market conditions; however 24 calls per Quarter, 48 calls every six months and 96 calls on an annual basis will be maintained.
2. The calls given in this package will be for stocks in the Futures and Options segment only


♦ Are you stuck in a trading position
   and do not know what to do?

♦ Are you confused among
   investing in two or more mutual
  funds/stocks and would like to
  know the better option?

♦ Any queries on relative short term
  asset price movements stocks,
   gold, currency etc

♦ Have you been advised to buy
  something where you are not sure
   what to do?

♦ Are there any multiple investment
  options where you need to take a
  call immediately?

@ RS. 1500 / QUESTION

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