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The month of October was a satisfactory one for us as many of our LONG TERM INVESTMENT CALLS and the MODEL PORTFOLIO performed exceedingly well. The MODEL PORTFOLIO was up by over 5% as against a 5% decline for the market and built on its long term outperformance. Since beginning in the year 2004 the portfolio is up by 245% as against just 64% for the NIFTY.

Our Long Term Calls have done very well over the years and we have booked out most of the recommendations given in the years 2004-2006 although some where we are very bullish over the long run still remain as holdings and many of them are over by 150-200% over cost. Even 2017 saw decent profit booking and the current year has been one where we have staggered and bought rather than sold as the markets saw significant correction. Many of them are still in good buying range and are good to buy for new as well as old clients. The WINNERS PLAN offers significant opportunities for new clients to come in now

Both our TRADING PRODUCTS i.e. POSITIONAL TRADING and ONLY FOR TRADERS have done very well with a strong track record. They have generated good returns for investors in volatile times when investment portfolios have declined. We hope to continue to do the same going forward.

POWER ALPHA STOCKS found exits to be tough in October given the state of the markets. However we should see good improvements going forward as markets stabilize and move up. We have done periodic profit bookings continuously over the last many months except for October where there was a general carnage.

The new product TARGET BLUECHIP PORTFOLIO has started off very well and we will be updating performance from the end of this month.

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Starting from – Rs 300000 plus GST

We also offer personalized HNI services for investors with large portfolios who would like customized solutions. Here portfolios are designed and strategies worked out in accordance with the goals and risk profiles of individual clients with the aim of meeting stated objectives. Some of the key features of this service are

1. The portfolio and services will be customized to the particular client

2. The service will be interactive where the client can interact with Sandip Sabharwal directly to clarify doubts if any. This can be in the form of Phone calls/messages/emails etc..

3. HNI clients can ask for clarifications on any stock outside the standardized portfolio on which we will give our views directly to him.

4. The portfolio is individually monitored and the client only has the responsibility of mailing the portfolio to us every 15 days or trading positions more frequently so that we can go through it and advise on the portfolio on a proactive basis.

5. Besides this the HNI clients will continue to get all the LONG TERM CALLS as well as the standardized MODEL PORTFOLIO the details of which are as below

  • The MODEL PORTFOLIO will have around 20 stocks with individual stock allocations and the client just needs to follow them passively. The portfolio is updated every few weeks and clients just need to invest as advised. For example the total amount of Rs 100 to be invested will be split across 20 stocks with percentage allocation to each, you will just need to invest accordingly and whenever changes are advised do the same. In this we also advise when to increase cash in the portfolio if the markets are overheated etc.
  • You will get 8-10 LONG TERM INVESTMENT CALLS every year. These stocks have a typical holding period of 1-3 years and come to the client with a small report with logic of the buy and quarterly updates. Multibagger picks are normally mid caps and the MODEL portfolio has a mix of Large Caps and Mid Caps along with cash allocation.

Pricing of COMBO PLANS depends on the number of services being taken. Discounts range from 10-25%.

  • For clients who want to opt for a combination of packages from our various Long Term and Short Term plans we offer attractive COMBO PLANS where on a combination of two or more plans we can built in discounts for clients.


Those interested in HNI Services or COMBO PLANS can write to us at or

Call us on +91-22-66666931, 7303163931


Target Bluechip Portfolio- A focussed BLUECHIP STOCKS portfolio that will invest in 9 identified large cap blue chip stocks.Rs 22000 plus GST

The Winners, Gold, Platinum and Titanium plans are for Long Term Investors who might want to do some trading also. They seek to build a long term portfolio for investors Via Long Term Investment Calls and the MODEL PORTFOLIO approach

♦WINNERS PLAN- Annual advisory package which will include 5-10 strong long term return where the return targets will be higher than market returns over Long Term Holding

Fee/Charges: Rs. 21000 plus GST

♦GOLD PLAN- Annual advisory package which will include 5-10 strong long term return stocks and this will also include 8-10 trading calls per quarter.

Fee/Charges: Rs. 37000 plus GST


♦Platinum Plan- Model Portfolio based advice, revised on a quarterly basis or as frequently as required
Fee/Charges: Rs 36,000 plus GST.


PLATINUM PLAN with personal interactions is in the TITANIUM PLAN which allows clients to call up and talk directly if there are any doubts.

The TITANIUM PLAN costs Rs 60,000 plus GST.

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POWER ALPHA STOCKS- Stock Advisory package that is specifically designed to cater to investors who want to take short term exposures into the stock markets but do not want to trade in the Futures & Options market.

Fee/Charges: Semi Annual – Rs 20000, Annual – Rs 31000 plus GST

The key features of this product are
♦The product is Market Capitalization agnostic i.e. the recommendation can be from any market segment Large Cap, Mid Cap or Small Cap
♦Two to four recommendations on an average will be given every month.
♦There are many companies that are not multibaggers but offer returns from oversold positions, improved fundamentals, macro-economic changes, turnaround etc. This product seeks to capture those opportunities
♦The return target of the recommended stocks will be 5-15% and the normal holding period will be 15-75 days
♦Any number of calls might be open at any given point of time as the holding period varies from 15-75 days


ONLY FOR TRADERS -Stock Advisory Package which has been designed only for traders in the stock markets. Unlike all our other packages here we are offering Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Plans

Fees Charges: Quarterly Rs 18000, Semi-Annual Rs 28000, Annual Rs 42000 plus GST

The key features of this product are
1.Two calls will be given every week on an average. In the absence of opportunities the number of calls might reduce in certain market conditions.
2.The calls given in this package will be for stocks in the Futures and Options segment only
3.Calls will be given for Long/Short stocks or Buying/Selling Call and Put options on individual stocks, Nifty, Bank Nifty etc
4.This package is only for active traders where fast execution of trades, profit booking as well as stop losses will be important. This is unlike the trading strategies in our other packages where the calls are positional



Fees Charges:Semi-Annual Rs 19000, ANNUAL- Rs 29000 plus GST

This product is an offshoot of the POSITIONAL TRADING CALLS of GOLD/PLATINUM/TITANIUM plans and is offered as a separate product

  • 2-3 calls will be given every month
  • The calls will be in Stock Futures and if opportunity presents in Options
  • This package is only for those who want to do just a few trades every month where holding period is longer. Targets will be around 5-10%.
  • The holding period will be between 1-4 weeks.
  • The ideas might be news based, technical, via analysis of options and futures data, market positioning etc

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