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There is only one way to describe the resilience of the Indian Stock Markets. Its Extraordinary. After the strong rally of last month we saw a follow up with the Nifty again climbing by another 3.5% and Midcaps outperforming with a rally of 6.2%. This was despite little respite on the macro concerns plaguing the markets this year. After this move the Indian Markets are up by around 3% for for 2022 while most global markets are down 12-15% if not more.

On the macro front the key development of this month was the reiteration of most central bankers that inflation is the priority at this stage and the fight against inflation will go on for longer. This essentially implies that rates will remain higher for longer. This is very important from an equity valuation as well as growth outlook perspective. Equity valuations are directly linked to risk free rates as well as economic growth prospects. RBI also increased rates this month at the upper end of the expected range. Stock Markets in general have been sanguine about these development at a time of stick inflation. The other big factor that is going to play out is the reversal of the huge money printing cycle with US Fed Balance Sheet reduction likely to pick up pace from September onwards. We have not seen monetary tightening with significant liquidity withdrawal in the past and need to see how markets will take it.

Overall the Indian Economy is much better placed in terms of both inflationary dynamics, growth prospects as well as the external front than pervious cycles and this should help us sustain premium valuations. However a 90% premium over other Emerging Markets is tough to sustain and that could become a challenge especially after the moves of the last two months.

Given that India did not have any significant fiscal stimulus the inflationary spiral has been lower than in other countries as unemployment still remains high and wage pressures ex of the IT industry are low. However global commodity inflation always seeps in and as a result we have seen sharp hikes in most product prices as well as food items. Wheat and Rice the two staple foods are up nearly 20% over the last year and milk prices are up over 10%. This has had an impact on consumption with most consumer items seeing pressures. Another positive for India has been the escape from the havoc of the global weather pattern changes (atleast for this year) and also the fact that we are able to procure crude oil at lower prices from Russia while Europe has borne the worst of both these factors. Higher farm prices means that farmers have got good cash flows this time as they have been able to sell cash crops in the market instead of to the government and at much higher than minimum prices.

The results season ended with there being an overall downgrade of earnings by around 4% at the end of the quarter led by Technology and commodities while financials, capital goods etc outperformed

The results season has been very well taken by the markets despite an overall weak season for most large companies. Technology stocks which have mostly reported saw significant margin pressures and underperformance of earnings expectations. Margins of many consumer companies were under pressure, banks in general outperformed expectations in terms of asset quality and growth which led to the banks outperforming the markets this month. Reopening trade companies like restaurants, multiplexes etc reported good numbers while cement companies saw margin pressures. Commodity companies saw severe profit pressures while automobile companies had a mixed bag with outlook improving. Infrastructure and Capital good companies reported good results and order bookings

One good part is that ex of crude oil all other commodities seem to be clearly topping out and some have also seen deep corrections driven both by slowing economy concerns as well as central bank actions.

The sectors to avoid for the next 6-12 months seem to be commodity and technology where lower global demand combined with extreme pressures on the Chinese Economy will keep commodities subdued and an imminent recession in the USA and Europe will impact technology demand and as such the growth of Indian Technology companies. Loss making new generation companies could also see things tightening as raising money at higher and higher valuations might be tougher.

Capital Goods, infrastructure and domestic cyclical industries should do better in this time period and still are underowned by investors and offer opportunities.

The best thing for equity markets will be that central banks gain credibility in their inflation fight and inflation peaks out and starts moving down. That will provide better opportunities to invest.

Indian Markets also trade at nearly 125% of GDP largely due to rapid gains in loss making company valuations or those with very low earnings. Valuations are 20% above long term valuations.

From current levels of 17700 it is tough to build a case for an overall market upmove. However stability and lower volatility will give lot of opportunities in the right sectors.


The month of August was a very good one for us across the board except for one of the trading plans which took a back seat of sorts. However the wealth generation journey for clients across the board continued strongly.


Power Alpha stocks had one of our best months. With strong profit booking. This followed the profit booking trend of last month and the current month rally helped us exit and generate profits. Now this product is well set for the future. Overall profits were over Rs 103000 in Power Alpha after a long time. Our best alpha generating product over several years had a tough year till May. Our aim is to provide good ROI to investors with us and all subscribers to this product got their subscriptions adjusted beginning of the year so that they recover their fees and make money. The high ROI of this product has continued over the last many years and is now coming back. Overall profits were over Rs 400000 for the last two calendar years a very high ROI. on a Rs 6-8 Lakhs peak capital and Rs 6 lakhs average capital deployed. Opportunities will be good for this product even in the future and we will see to capture them. This is an ideal product for those who want to keep the capital as it is and book regular profits so as to make reasonably higher returns over fixed deposits/Hybrid Products etc. As markets stabilize momentum plays work well.


The TARGET MIDCAP PORTFOLIO had a good month following a phase of very strong performance. The portfolio was up 3.54% and despite that we underperformed the midcap index which was up around 6.2%. Given our huge outperformance during market declines we have continued to beat all competing products by a huge margin.

With this build up our outperformance over the indices, all midcap mutual fund scheme as well as all PMS Products has gone up further. The magnitude of our performance over other products is now huge. The portfolio now up 26% from 31st of December as against 3.4% for the Midcap Index as well as most Midcap Mutual Funds as well as PMS Products

The portfolio is up a huge 44% over a 12 month period as against a return of 10.8% for the Midcap Index and 3.66% for the Nifty. The performance of this plan has been much beyond my expectations. The portfolio is now up 189% since inception and we hope to continue to do well going forward. Our value with growth strategy is working well.


The Target Bluechip Portfolio had a very good month with the portfolio was up 3.8% despite our cash position which typically pulls performance down in a one sided upward moving market. From the beginning of 2022 the portfolio is up around 13%as against a rise of 2.3% for the Nifty.

The aim is to outperform by 5% every year to deliver strong long term returns and I believe we are on track for that. This is an excellent product for those who are looking for steady returns with low volatility. One year returns of the portfolio are 19% much above Nifty returns of 3.66% for the last 12 months. We have beaten all PMS/Largecap funds by a huge margin. The since inception returnsare over 150% giving a CAGR of over 29%.


The Platinum Plan is our oldest Long Term Portfolio plan had a very good month as some of our small caps did well along with the rise in largecaps. The portfolio was up 5.03% during the month. With the performance over the year and for the last one year the PLATINUM PLAN has beaten all Flexicap and Multicap schemes which are all with negative to somewhat positive returns. We have maintained some cash to capture opportunities going forward. The since inception returns are now 462% with a CAGR of returns of over 30%. The portfolio has a good mix of largecaps and smaller midcaps which have good potential over the long run. The portfolio performance should pick up going forward. This is an ideal medium risk portfolio.


Only for traders had an decent month after a below average start. The performance of the product is running very well over the last many months. We will get 3-5 very good months in a year 3-5 average months and 3-5 not very good months. The ROI of this product is running very high at this point of time with returns for the first half absolute at 40%. The low risk strategy is playing well and such high returns in a sideways market are tough and very satisfactory.


Positional Trading Calls had a muted month with just one recommendation closing with a loss. The plan has been doing very well for the last many months and short periods of underperformance are expected and will happen. The good thing in trading is that a period of 2-3 months of good performance can make up for a few subdued months which this product has displayed over time. This has been one of our best products in the past. We hope to continue to do well going forward and this is an ideal trading product for those looking for lesser calls with bigger targets in a month. The ROI of this plan is running above 40% absolute for this year already.


Small and smaller sized midcaps started slow last year and built on gains. The same is likely this year. The first few months overall have seen decline in small caps but some of our stocks have done well and came back strongly over the last month. There will be opportunities going forward. We booked one recommendation with strong profits during June. Many of our recommendations have become multibaggers and we have booked profits in some of them last year. We recommended tHREE new stocks over the last few months. The current year is one where timing entries will be important and that is what we will try to guide new investors to do. Small caps have a tendency to underperform for long periods of time and then give sudden gains. This is unlikely to change.


Unlock gains got fully deployed in April and after that many of the holdings got hit by volatility. However the portfolio has come back very strongly now and ended August up nearly 9% since the start. In the last one month as results started to come out the portfolio did exceptionally well with many of out holdings moving up sharply. We expect all stocks are well placed to outperform over the next two years. Will write more on this product later while clients in this plan will get the updates. It’s a fixed term two year product which should do well during this time period.

For more details write to us at . You can also call us up at 7303163931/022-66666931 or visit


Minimum capital requirement Rs 2.5 Crores. Fees are based on percentage of Total Assets under advisory with a minimum fee requirement of Rs 720000 plus GST.

HNI Services under the Investment Advisory segment are specifically designed for clients who desire to have a 360 degree coverage of their entire investment basket. Clients will be advised allocations to different asset classes with specific allocations to individual equity strategies in this customized offering vary according to client needs.

Different clients have different needs For clients only focussed on the Long Term the investment portfolio is different and for those who want a combination of strategies it is different. We have clients with different requirements and all are dealt with separately. Some key aspects are as follows.

The Wealth Management customized offering is something that I do for HNI Clients. These services are customized to the needs to the client and some of the key features include asset allocation and subsequently different strategies in the equity markets as per the equity market allocation

  1. The portfolio and services will be customized to the particular client. The strategies could be

    a. Only Long Term
    b. Only Short Term
    c. A combination of Long Term, Short Term and Trading

  2. The service will be interactive where the client can interact with me directly to clarify doubts if any. This can be in the form of Phone calls/messages etc. HNI clients interact bypass the office to be in touch with me. This is not available in the other packages.

  3. HNI clients can ask for clarifications on any stocks and assets across the investment horizon. This helps in eliminating investment mistakes.

  4. The portfolio is individually monitored and the client only has the responsibility of mailing the portfolio to us every 15 days or trading positions more frequently so that we can go through it and advise on the portfolio on a proactive basis.

    a. Besides this the HNI clients will continue to get all the Long Term Calls as well as the standardized MODEL PORTFOLIOs under our Research Analyst services.

    b. These MODEL PORTFOLIO’s have allocations to individual stocks along with regular updates

    c. LONG TERM Investment calls from the small cap universe

  5. Specific long term allocations with percentage allocations will be specifically provided to HNI Clients

  6. Swing Trading Ideas. Short Term Cash calls with holding horizon of 30-90 days and return target of 5-15% will also be provided to you. A part of the portfolio can be allocated to these calls depending on my analysis of how your money needs to be exactly managed. This has done exceptionally well for us over the last few months and years.

  7. Trading Calls from the Futures and Options universe whenever conviction is high will be given to you. Here the typical holding horizon is from a few days to couple of weeks In case you are uncomfortable with trading in futures we can remove this service for you. A small fund allocation to trading has worked very well for our HNI clients. However many clients, especially those overseas might find it tough to operate these calls. Moreover these are very time specific. Ideally for your kind of profile you might not want to take these particular calls

  8. All your other financial investments i.e. Mutual Funds, FD’S, PMS Products etc will be reviewed by me and recommendations on the same will be given to you. These will then be monitored for changes as required so that the allocation runs effectively and optimally.

In a nutshell the HNI portfolio and services are where each clients portfolio is tracked by me directly and individually depending on the need of the clients. For conservative clients we might have a different portfolio allocation strategy and for aggressive clients we will strategize it differently. The client can clarify any newsflow they hear from the markets so as to avoid investment mistakes


Those interested in HNI Services or COMBO PLANS can write to us at or

Call us on +91-22-66666931, 7303163931



TARGET BLUECHIP PORTFOLIO - A focussed BLUECHIP STOCKS portfolio that will invest in 9 identified large cap blue chip stocks.

Rs 27000 plus GST

TARGET MIDCAP PORTFOLIO- A focussed MIDCAP STOCKS portfolio which will invest in 9 identified High Quality Midcap Stocks.

Rs 29000 plus GST

PLATINUM PLAN- Model Portfolio based advise along with potential high growth stock recommendations A Multicap portfolio with a mix of Large and Mid Caps.

Rs 31000 + GST

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ONLY FOR TRADERS -Stock Advisory Package which has been designed only for traders in the stock markets. An active plan . 2 Calls per week with average holding period of 1-10 days

Quarterly Rs 24000+ GST, Semi-Annual Rs 37000+ GST, Annual Rs 53000+ GST

POSITIONAL TRADING CALLS This is a POSITIONAL TRADING product with calls given in the Futures & Options segment. A low involvement product for all stock market participants. 2-3 Calls per month with average holding period of 1-4 weeks

Semi-Annual Rs 36000 + GST, ANNUAL- Rs 54000 + GST

WINNERS PLAN- Annual advisory package which will include 5-10 strong long term return where the return targets will be higher than market returns over Long Term Holding.

Rs 26000 plus GST


POWER ALPHA - Stock Advisory package that is specifically designed to cater to investors who want to take short term exposures into the stock markets but do not want to trade in the Futures & Options market.

Semi Annual Rs 29500+ GST, Annual Rs 44000+ GST

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