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I am a B Tech in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi & did my PGDM from IIM Bangalore. I started my career with SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd and worked for SBI Mutual Fund for the first 11 years of my career.

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Research Analyst Services

Our Strategies

This plan recommends 12 companies with a Flexicap approach with a contrarian investment strategy. Focus is to generate steady returns with low volatility

Minimum Portfolio Rs 5-6 Lakhs, Annual Fees Rs 36000+GST

This plan is a mix of Smallcaps and Largecaps, broadly 60:40. Number of stocks is between 12-15. Our oldest long-term investment plan

Minimum Portfolio Rs 5-6 Lakhs, Annual Fees Rs 36100 + GST

This plan invests in 9 Large Cap Companies with a low-risk and active approach. This is ideal for low-risk investors. The target is to beat Nifty by 3-5% every year

Minimum Portfolio Rs 5-6 Lakhs, Annual Fees Rs 29000 + GST

This plan invests in 9 selected Midcap Companies with a value-with-growth approach. Focus is long-term with low churn

Minimum Portfolio Rs 5-6 Lakhs, Annual Fees Rs 35100 + GST

This is a Research Report focused Smallcap research plan. The aim is to come out with 3-5 unique ideas every year with open recommendations between 12-15

Minimum Investment Rs 4-5 Lakhs, Annual Fees Rs 32500 + GST

This is a short-term investing research plan where clients get 2-4 recommendations every month with return targets of 5-15% & holding up to 75 days (average). A regular profit booking plan

Starting Capital Rs 5 lakhs, Ideal 8-10 Lakhs plus, 6 Months Rs 32000 Annual Rs 47000 + GST

This is an active Futures & Options trading research plan. We target 2 calls per week, holding 1-10 days. Smaller targets with active profit booking/exits

One Lot Trading 5 Lakhs, Two Lots 10 Lakhs, 3 Months Rs 24000, 6 months Rs 39000, Annual Rs 55000 + GST

This is a longer term Futures & Options trading research plan. We target 2-3 calls per month, holding 7-28 days (can be more). Bigger targets with deeper profit booking/exits

One Lot Trading 5 Lakhs, Two Lots 10 Lakhs, 6 months Rs 36000, Annual Rs 54000 + GST

Investment Advisory Services


Minimum capital requirement Rs 4 Crores. Fees are based on a percentage of Total Assets under advisory with a minimum fee requirement of Rs 10,00,000 plus GST.

Fees for clients with portfolio sizes above Rs 10 Crores will have a fee between 1.25% to 2.5% depending on the requirements of the client and the effort required. The fees will not be less than 1.25% of the portfolio size and will vary depending on effort and time required.

HNI Services under the Investment Advisory segment are specifically designed for clients who desire to have 360-degree coverage of their entire investment basket. Clients can be advised allocations to different asset classes with specific allocations to individual equity strategies in this customized offering vary according to client needs.

Different clients have different needs For clients only focused on the Long Term the investment portfolio is different and for those who want a combination of strategies it is different. The strategies can be conservative, moderate, or aggressive. We have clients with different requirements and all are dealt with separately. Some key aspects are as follows.

services are customized to the needs of the client and some of the key features include asset allocation for those who want and subsequently different strategies in the equity markets as per the equity market allocation

The portfolio and services will be customized to the particular client. The strategies could be

a. Only Long Term
b. Only Short Term
c. A combination of Long Term, Short Term and Trading

The fees for the clients in the range of 1.25% to 2.5% of the AUM will be based on the effort requirement. For example for someone who is only focussed on the Long Term it will be typically at the lower end and for someone who is more on the momentum and trading strategies it will be more on the upper end.

The service will be interactive where the client can interact with me directly to clarify doubts if any. This can be in the form of Phone calls/messages etc. This is not available in the Research Analyst Services packages.

HNI clients can ask for clarifications on any stocks and assets across the investment horizon. This helps in eliminating investment mistakes.

The portfolio is individually monitored and the client only has the responsibility of maintaining a Google Sheet which can just be updated and can be monitored real time by me.

Specific long-term allocations with percentage allocations will be specifically provided to HNI Clients. For this, we continuously scan for opportunities to recommend at the right time so that timing adds to returns

Swing Trading Ideas. Short Term Cash calls with a holding horizon of 30-90 days and a return target of 5-15% can also be provided to you. A part of the portfolio can be allocated to these calls depending on my analysis of how your money needs to be exactly managed. This has done exceptionally well for us over the last few years.

Trading Calls from the Futures and Options universe whenever conviction is high can be given to you. Here the typical holding horizon is from a few days to a couple of weeks. Clients doing Futures and Options also will typically have a higher fee. A small fund allocation to trading has worked very well for our HNI clients. However many clients, especially those overseas might find it tough to operate these calls.

All your other financial investments i.e. Mutual Funds, FDs, PMS Products, etc can be reviewed by me and recommendations on the same will be given to you if they are covered in the agreement. These will then be monitored for changes as required so that the allocation runs effectively and optimally.

In a nutshell, the HNI portfolio and services are where each client portfolio is tracked by me directly and individually depending on the needs of the clients. For conservative clients, we might have a different portfolio allocation strategy and for aggressive clients, we will strategize it differently. The client can clarify any newsflow they hear from the markets so as to avoid investment mistakes. We focus on risk-adjusted returns and try to prevent deep drawdowns.

What our clients have to say

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    How is the monthly performance calculated?

    We multiply the weightage of the stock in the portfolio at the beginning of the month by the percentage price movement of that stock during the month. This is done for all stocks and the overall percentages are added to get the overall portfolio performance. Annual performance is a multiplication of monthly returns.

    I want to add money every month, what allocation should I follow

    Every month end we send latest allocations. Please follow that for all additional buys

    The allocations reported monthly are different from what was given at the time when my plan started

    This is important to understand. The monthly allocations are based on current market prices. So even if we do not make any change during the month due to the fact that all stocks do not move the same during the month allocations will change. This is because the portfolio is market price-weighted and not at cost. For example, if it was a two-stock portfolio that starts at 50% into each stock and one moves up 10% during a month and the other moves 10% down the allocations at the end of the month will be 60:40 instead of 50:50. You do not need to be bothered about it as your portfolio also changes the same way automatically

    A particular stock is not performing, should we sell it?

    The reason we build a portfolio is that risks get diversified. All stocks do not move up and down at the same time. At some times some stocks perform and at other times others perform. We sell a company if our thesis of investment has gone wrong or valuations have become excessive

    Which stock from the portfolio should I buy now?

    We do not give individual stock recommendations in portfolio plans. You need to buy the entire portfolio in the recommended percentage allocations. This is very important otherwise your performance and our reported performance will vary. Buying some stocks and not the others is not advisable

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    Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL (in case of IAs), and certification from NISM in no way guarantee the performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors

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